30 Seconds Cobweb Eliminator

30 Seconds Cobweb Eliminator 2Ltr Concentrate




The safe Spider Web Control Alternative to Poisonous Sprays

Get rid of Spiders Safely - All natural ingredients

30 Seconds Cobweb Eliminator eliminates spider cobwebs indoors or outdoors, and wherever spider cobwebs are present.  It deteriorates the spider web attachment points by breaking down molecules, allowing easy removal. Following application, a thin transparent film discourages the reformation of spider cobwebs.

Made of 100% natural ingredients, 30 Seconds Cobweb Eliminator is not expected to stain surfaces. The mildly acidic odour indicates the product is working effectively and will dissipate in 24 hours.


Product Features

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Ingredients approved by FDA/USDA for use in food processing areas, animal handling areas and on food crops and plants
  • Inhibits cobweb formation and discourages re-formation
  • Neutralises cobweb adhesion and stops cobwebs sticking
  • Indoor & Outdoor use - Lasts up to 6 months indoors & 3 months outdoors
  • Available In: 1 litre Ready to Use, 2 litre Concentrate, 5 litre Ready to Use with Motorised Power Sprayer


How to Use

  • Product application in morning or late afternoon on plants is recommended
  • Shake well
  • Spray and wet target area completely.
  • Do not rinse after use
  • Remove cobweb residue with a bristled broom or wipe away
  • Repeat process to aid prevention of cobwebs, particularly around light sources 15% of cobwebs can be expected to re-appear around light sources
  • Re-apply as needed
  • May be applied on paint, metal fibreglass, concrete and masonry
  • Spot treatments are recommended
  • Ingredients are approved by FDA/USDA for use in food processing areas, animal handling areas and on food crops


Coverage and Dilution

  • Covers 4-5 square metres per litre on porous surfaces and up to 8-10 square metres on non-porous surfaces.
  • 2 litre Concentrate - Add 1 part water to 1 part 30 Seconds
  • Makes 4 Litres

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